Slack Presence

For when you want to appear online... even when you're not.

Slack Presence Features:

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Free To Use
Create an account and use slack presence for free! Use Slack Presence for as long as you want without paying anything - or upgrade to a paid plan for our advanced features.

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Stay Online In Slack
Keep the green dot next to your name on slack and make it look like you are online. Our app prevents you from going offline, or having your status turn to away whenever you choose!

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Presence Scheduler
Choose what time zone you are in, and what hours you want to remain online and we will have Slack Presence keep you online and active during this time.

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Monitor Your Activity
You can check the last time you were online by viewing the "last used" date and time for each of the active Slack Presence schedules you have. Have fun using Slack Presence!

Slack Integrations

Slack Presence integrates with Slack to help you stay online. Slack will automatically set your presence to 'away' after 20 minutes of inactivity - and if your computer goes to sleep you will be logged out. This is annoying and will signal to others that you are not available to talk or are not at your computer.

Well no more! This Presence Scheduler will keep you logged into slack even after you have logged out - and on top of that, it sets your presence to "active" to make it look like your at your computer working.

Now you can be sure that you will appear online and available to speak to others. Get ready to take back your day with this amazing life hack!

(Free users will have their status changed to "active" but will not remain logged in after they log out)

Slack Scheduling

Our Slack Presence Scheduler is the main component of Slack Presence and is responsible for making sure you remain online. The Scheduler lets you choose a time frame (for example from 9am - 5pm) and a timezone, and uses this to keep you online for that period. You can also turn the scheduler on and off for each slack channel you have.

The scheduler works by using your Slack channels API key to keep you online. It runs every 15 minutes, so when your starting out you may need to wait 15 minutes in order for your API key to be put on the list and for your status to change to active.

Slack Green Dot

You can keep your Slack status set to active at all times - but this is different then being logged in. Having an active status indicates that you have been at your computer in the last 20 minutes on slack. To demonstrate this, slack adds a green dot beside your name. However you need to be logged in in order for the green to show up. Here are the possible scenarios:

  • logged in + active = green dot
  • logged in + inactive = empty circle
  • logged out + active = empty circle
  • logged out + inactive = empty circle

The free version of the app will keep the green dot next to your name only when you are logged in, but the paid version of slack presence will keep you logged in for any duration or time you choose.

Slack Keep Active

You can use Slack Presence to keep your presence active with the following steps:

  1. Register
  2. Get the paid version on the pricing page (optional)
  3. Get your API key and create your team on the team page (instructions on team page)
  4. Wait 15 minutes for your profile to come online on Slack

This is a quick and easy process and should take less then 5 minutes to complete. Purchasing the paid version is optional - but it will keep you online even when you close slack or shut down your computer or mobile phone. The free version requires you to have slack running in order for you to remain online.


This Presence Scheduler is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.