What is Slack Presence?
This app allows you to remain logged into slack and appear online even when your not. You can even create a schedule to make it appear that your online during certain times of the day, and offline during others.
Is Slack Presence free?
Yes! Slack presence is free to use, however the free version will only keep your presence from going offline while you are using the slack presence app! If you want to remain active even when you shut down your computer/mobile or when your computer/mobile is sleeping, you will need to purchase the paid version. The paid version will keep you online all the time for any hours you choose.
Why was Slack Presence built?
Slack will make you appear offline every 30 minutes, and I was constantly going offline - even though I was at my computer. I wanted a way to appear online without having to use my computer at all. Slack scheduler was built to allow you to remain online all the time.
The app is not working for me... can you help?

Yes. There could be any number of reasons why the app is not working for you. Lets go through them.

1) You are looking at the wrong team... You have to create a new team on my app for each team you have on slack. Each team will require its own api key to stay online

2) You have not subscribed to the paid version of the app. The free version only allows your presence to remain active - see the question below on how to see if the app is working.

3) You have not activated your schedule... Make sure that your team/schedule you create appears green (and not red) to make sure it is currently active

4) If there is any other kind of problem please contact me via the contact form.

How can I test this app to see if its working?
Login to Slack Presence and visit the teams page: https://slackpresence.com/team. After you have added your API key and created a schedule, there will be a note at the bottom of the schedule indicating the last time that the API key was used by slack presence. For example it may say "Last Used: 2025-04-06 17:11:13 Timezone: America/New_York". Compare this to todays date/time as well as the schedule you have chosen to make sure the app is working. It should update around every 15 minutes.

After you input your api key and create your team, you can test if the app is working by logging into your slack team on your slack app and clicking "Set yourself to away". Watch your your status will come back online within 10 minutes.

If you want to see if you are still logged in, the easiest way is log out and ask a friend or co-workers if you are appearing online.
Whats the difference between being logged in and having an active presence?
Having an active presence indicates that you have been at your computer in the last 20 minutes on slack. To demonstrate this, slack adds a green dot beside your name. However you need to be logged in in order for the green to show up.
Here are the possible scenarios:

logged in + active = green dot
logged in + inactive = empty circle
logged out + active = empty circle
logged out + inactive = empty circle

If you want to have a green dot beside your name even when you are logged out of slack, you will need to purchase the full version of the app.
Can I install this app without my company (which controls our slack account) knowing about it? Don’t they have to approve add-ons as they are the admins?
There is nothing to install - no add-on or extension. Instead it uses an api key which allows the presence scheduler to keep you logged in whenever you want. Your company won’t be able to see if your using this. Although they won't be able to see you, they may be able to see you have requested an API key. You will be able to tell if your company can see if you requested your api key since slack will inform you of this before you create one.

If your worried about them seeing that you are online too often, upgrade to the paid version and you can set a schedule (for example from 9-5 monday to friday).
I no longer need slack presence and want to close my account. How can I do that?
To delete your account you first need to delete all of your teams and slack channels and unsubscribe from all payment plans. Then visit this profile page and click "delete account" at the bottom of the page.
How can I reset my password?
I tried to create an API key but my workplace admin has disabled it. Is there any way around this?
Yes, even if your workplace has disabled your Api key it is still possible to get. You can follow these instructions below. It is a little tricky to understand so it may help to ask a developer or someone who is good with working with computers.

  • 1) Open google chrome or firefox. (or another web browser that can inspect a web page)
  • 2) Log into the slack channel you are trying to get the api key for. (https://slack.com/signin)
  • 3) After you login, find yourself and send yourself a message
  • 4) right click on the chat with yourself and click “inspect”
  • 5) click on the network tab
  • 6) make sure you have the “preserve log” option checked to capture all outgoing/incoming requests
  • 7) Look for a file in the network tab beginning with “token=“. Your Api key will be the string following this which beings with “xox”.
  • 8) If step 7 did not work, try sending yourself another message, or refreshing the page. You should eventually see a file whose name begins with 'token'

  • - Note: a quick way to find the token is to press (control + f ) in the network tab to open a search box. you can type xoxs in to the search box to find your api key.

If you see the api key in a URL like the screenshot below, the token will begin at “xox” and end at the "&" sign.

How can I delete my account?
There is no important infromation to delete - we offer anonymouse accounts and do not verify email or names. Just make sure to delete your api keys. Right now there is no way to delete your account, but we are looking into building in this feature in the future.